Did you know many well known retailers, home centers, pharmacies, and restaurants are familiar with polished concrete? So much that their architects have specified the standard at which the floor must be polished.

Using a Gloss Meter, the level of shine and reflectivity in a floor is measured and must have a read out of at least 40 for a job to be considered adequately done at a matte finish, with a reading of 50 being their standard, but they will be glad to see a number higher than that as well.

Of industrial, commercial, and residential applications, it’s in the commercial field that concrete polishing is seeing its most consistent growth. With always improving tools and tricks of the trade, it’s a really exciting time to be in the concrete polishing industry.

Logos, mascots, murals, 3D effects, stamps, and engravings are in high demand for these spaces and people are even beginning to use concrete to affordably and effectively simulate other building materials like expensive tile and natural stone.

In commercial applications the wear resistance and light reflectivity of polished concrete tend to be the focal point of achievement, with customizability, stain resistance, and sterility coming in closely behind, especially with restaurants.
Nu-Crete Surgeons can meet your needs for all these commercial services and use the latest techniques to get you the best results on your next project.