When it comes to industrial facilities, a realm where few customers are going to be seeing the floors, the focal point of an application is strictly cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance. Warehouses tend to get into light reflectivity and aesthetic appeal, but for the run of the mill factory the practicality of a floor is enough to serve the necessary purpose.

Of course, even plainly applied polished concrete tends to result in a stunningly reflective floor that would look just as fitting in a home or showroom.

Polished concrete is an especially intelligent choice for those types of spaces due to the readiness of materials as well as the extended life granted to concrete by its polishing.

Industrial spaces are rarely going to be floored with hardwood or marble, and tiling will break under the heavy wear and tear of the facilities daily use. Concrete is already there, so why not make it more sustainable by polishing it.

In situations that might already be less than ideal for a persons health such as in some factories or warehouses, a polished concrete floor is a step in the right direction for doing everything one can to provide for the health and well being of their employees.
We feel these photos do a great job showing off both the practical applications of these jobs as well as the natural aesthetic appeal that inevitably comes along with it.
Nu-Crete Surgeons can show you how to maximize the look of your industrial floor while keeping within the budget and maintaining the ease of maintenance.